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From the Managing Director’s Desk


Dear Partners,

India is witnessing a paradigm shift in the way office spaces are designed and operated. Even non white collared sectors such as manufacturing and healthcare are adopting professionalworking environments as a norm rather than an exception. Traditional government offices are now sleek, well designed and glamorous. Office interiors are playing a significant role in how business is conducted.

Office interior design is as vital whether the office is at your home or in a commercial building.An ideal office is one which has all the comfort, safety and functionality along with eye catching environment


Office interiors especially chairs constitute a large part of an individual’s day to day life. Increasing health consciousness and occupational hazards have brought posture and ergonomics in the limelight. People are looking for products that employ science to design chairs that are safe for long duration use and hence prevent repetitive strain injuries resulting in higher employee productivity


Bluue Mango has created the right research, manufacturing and sourcing capabilities to offer customers chairs of superior quality. We operate 7 retail outlets in the metros of Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad to offer these products to our customers. Our flooring business with over 30 retail outlets and over 100 distributors will compliment the Bluue Mango business. We are now looking for franchise partners to completely leverage the market potential this industry has to offer.


We are looking for passionate individual entrepreneurs who are who are equally enthusiastic about this business as we are.


Warm Regards,
Roshan and Amish | Partners
Bluue Mango


Growth of commercial office space and demand for office chairs


Evolving lifestyles and health awareness are the key drivers behind the market potential. The changing work environment of people is driving directly or indirectly the growth. India can be deemed as the youngest country in the world with a burgeoning workforce. A number of multinational companies are basing themselves out of India to service the Asian markets. The last two years have seen 183 million sq ft of office space coming up. The economic upturn will ensure that the next two years will also indicate similar numbers.


Key sectors where hiring is taking place include banking, financial services, insurance, IT/ITeS, pharmaceutical, healthcare, retail, real estate, construction and hospitality.


The key drivers for demand will include:


Net influx of employees – The number of additional people employed will be more than 8 lakhsin these sectors.

Replacement of old furniture and chairs – The number of current employment in these . key sectors is more than 17 million. Desk jobs constitute 12% to 100% of the workforce. An estimated 1 crore of office chairs exist in the market that need replacement every 3-5 years, i.e. an opportunity of 25 lakh chairs every year.


Bluue Mango | India’s primary Branded office chair Store


With only 6-7 players that operate in the office furniture market and hardly any player that operates exclusively in the office chair segment. Bluue Mango offers a comprehensive collection of office chairs. The company imports most of its products from China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea and Europe. However, to better service customers and reduce lead time, the company has also built assembling and manufacturing capabilities in Mumbai suburbs. Institutional sales (orders of more than a 100 chairs) constitute over 30-40% of total revenues.


A store for scientific office chairs


Currently the market is divided in branded (organized) sector and the non branded unorganized sector. However, through the right marketing initiatives, franchise network and sales force Bluue Mango plans to make available ergonomically compatible office chairs available to all.


Product Range & Price Points

Average price INR 6,000

Range: INR 3,000 – INR 60,000


We have developed relevant industry contacts which would be passed on to the franchise in the area it operates. The company plans to employ CNF agents in each zone to optimize the supply of products while we concentrate on increasing customer awareness and building the Bluue Mango brand.


The Franchise Opportunity we are offering


Though product pricing of Bluue Mango products will lie in the same bracket as other branded office furniture players, the differential factor will lie in providing the customer with a better buying experience such as elaborate demos, technically trained sales team and other customer service such as arranging demos at the client’s office for institutional customers.


The franchise network will also help develop channel partners and key decision makers in the decision making process such as architects, interior designers and fit out companies


The key cities where office space is coming up include Bangalore, Mumbai, NCR, Pune, Chennai, Calcutta, and Hyderabad. A majority of the upcoming office space demand will come from markets where the Bluue Mango brand is already known.


Invest in a Bluue Mango franchise because:


Industry Growth Potential: Large number of upcoming office space and hiring

Favorable Market trends: Increased awareness on posture

Amalgamation of branded store and technical sound office furniture: Complete range of staff and CEO chairs that adhere to ergonomically standards

Encouraging Business Proposition: The business model that offers a high ROI in the first year itself, thus making it a highly scalable business

Commitment to Associates and partners: Founded on a credible business philosophy, Bluue Mango will provide support to manage and set up the franchise, pass on leads and industry contacts, all with immense expertise & dedication

Standardized and Systematic Operations: We have effectively standardized our strategies and operational systems that can be easily transferred and implemented productively to new entrepreneurs


As Franchisors, Bluue Mango works will work with its franchisee partners to build profitable businesses across the nation.


Franchise Facts

             Area Required :                           600 Sq. Ft

             Investment Required :               INR 10-15 Lakhs

             Target Cities :                              Pan India Metros




Though not a location specific business, your franchisee outlet, can meet following parameters:

         • Preferably, in markets that operate in the furniture business

         • Located where new construction activity is taking place

         • Ideal if the franchise has own space

         • Convenient location – for both channel partners and retail customers is important




We want our partner franchisee to reflect the following attributes:

• Passionate about the Business: Individuals that believe in the products and who would like to develop the potential in this sector.

• Local Networking Skills: With institutional sales constituting a large part of revenues,  networking skills and ability to make industry contacts will play a large role in the success of the business.

• Own Showroom Space and financial ability: investor with an existing facility and some  financial bandwidth

• Similar Experience: Relevant sales experience in similar or different industry.




• Bluue Mango is an established & recognized brand in most metros

• Exclusive right to operate in the agreed territory or city

• Complete range sourced from internationally reputed vendors

• A well-organized supply chain & management systems, which will be critical to ensure  profitable operations and effective customer delivery

• Initial and ongoing training programs for sales staff

• Industry contacts and leads in the region the franchisee operates




• Set up of the retail outlet and successful launch

• Provision of all forms, formats, Cash Sheets, Sales Sheets, Monthly report sheets etc

• Assistance in creation and installation of visual merchandise and store interiors

• Provision of informative material, presentations 

• Assistance in organizing of local promotional activities and events

• Printed material like Brochures, Pamphlets, Flex Banners on cost basis

• Continuous assistance in monitoring & managing the business to make sure that the best business practices get implemented at the franchisee end to run it on profit as wellas to have satisfied customers

• Audit and ensuring that quality of services delivered at the franchisee end is in lines  with standards set by Bluue Mango




Q. How much would a Bluue Mango franchise cost?

A. The standard franchise would cost 10-15 lakhs, including franchise fees, working capital and inventory sample chairs.


Q. How long does it take to open Bluue Mango franchise?

A. If an appropriate location is available, after signing the formal agreement, it would take 1 to 2 months to set and start store operations.


Q. When can I break even?

A. The break even is estimated to be 1 year in the Bluue Mango business. However a more conservative estimate would be 1.5 years.


Q. Where are you selling franchises?

A. Initially we are targeting only the existing markets of Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. Later we will extend the program, pan India metros and tier 1 cities.


Q. Do I need to currently be from a furniture retail background to be accepted as a Franchisee?

A. No prior experience in the furniture retail industry is required. Some sales or entrepreneurship experience will how ever be of advantage.


Q. What is the term of the franchise agreement?

A. The initial agreement is for 3 years, with an option of renewing it further. Renewal of the agreement is subject to mutual agreement of both the parties.


Q. Do you provide any business aids?

A. Yes, we do. We help you from the set up phase; designing the retail outlet, fit outs, fixtures, production, staff recruitment, staff sales training and help you with day-to-day operations.Bluue Mango will also assist the franchisee to develop industry contacts.


Q. How will advertising be handled?

A. National advertising will be taken care of by the company, while local advertising initiatives will be under taken by the franchisee with assistance from the company.

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